Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is all the rage now with proven capabilities and endless applications . Whether its Identification, Photo Tagging, Payment Verification System or a Smart Surveillance Solution for your home/office.

Object Detection

Most of the industrial, farming, commercial and residential processes need object detection and monitoring in order to achieve automation and complete autonomy for precision, cost effectiveness and rapidness.

Event Detection

Event detection plays a critical part in preventing or quick response to life threatening situations, by weapon detection, aggressive behavior detection, unnatural or confused movements.

Structured OCR

Data is an ocean with the hidden chest of gold. From billing services, memo writing, statistics to analytics, we understand your data prestige and automate user-desired data, the way your business requires for efficient and accurate working.


Programming Languages

  • Mtlab
  • OpenCv
  • pyton
  • Octave


  • Tensor flow
  • Caffe2
  • pytorch
  • matplotlib
  • OpenCv
  • keras
  • google cloud
  • numpy


  • web


Inspired by life itself, our passion to build a harmony in human life and technology drives us to develop software applications that are designed on empathy, developed with excellence, and driven by innovation. Our love for Quality software experience guides us to work closely with Our clients to imagine their vision. Our desire for perfection drives us to realize this vision with professional excellence and evolution of technology fuels our skills to innovate.

Our machine learning powered business applications will enable faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation, and improve business insight.


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